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This site is ment to help you, our very nice and helpful employee, solving issues at the car wash if Nancy or Tor isn't available to help. If answer isn't found here, please let us know so that we can add an answer to the list below.

Thank you!


Nancy & Tor


How to create a new pre-paid card:

1. Log into Card Works
2. Manage Cards
3. Add Card
4. Fill in information (Card limit should be "0". Expiration set to never expire. Make sure to fill in at least the persons name and the persons cell phone number so that we can text them statements).
5. Remember card number. Close box.
6. Go to Manage Payments.
7. Find the card you created.
8. Fill in payment information (Credit Card, Cash or Check).
9. Apply Payment.
10. When payment added, we also add a 20% bonus.
11. Create an account credit of 20% of what was paid.
12. Apply Payment.  


1. A customer can either refill their pre-paid cards on our website www.cityhorizoncarwash” or if they like, here at the car wash. You can log into Card Works on the car wash computer and follow these steps:
2. Click ”Pre-Paid Cards” on left side.
3. Click ”Manage Payments”
4. Find the card you want to refill under ”Jump to Account”
5. For Credit Card/Check/Cash received, choose ”Payment Received” under Transaction Type.
6. Choose Payment Type, Credit Card/Check/Cash.
    o   For Check, type in check number and also check number in under ”Description”
    o   For Credit Card, fill in ”Description”, then click the ”Enter Credit Card” box below.
7. Click ”Apply Payment”. If credit card was used as payment, make sure to save the receipt as PDF when document pops up.
8. We give 20% credit on all amounts above $30. To give people a credit to the card, under ”Transaction Type” – Choose ”Account Credit”, and add what should be added and fill in ”Description”, like in example ”Refilled $100 – Got 20%”. The ”Description” shows on the monthly statement that goes to the customer.
9. After payment is done, you can og back to ”Manage Cards” to see how much there’s left total on the customers account.


It happens that some of our customers forget their fleet cards. We can still help them, so that they don’t need to use their private money.  

1. Open Card Works at the computer.
2. Select ”Fleet Accounts”
3. Select ”Manage Payments”
4. Select the fleet account that the person work for. Make sure you have the name of the employee that ask you to debit the account.
5. Go to ”Transaction Type”, then ”Account Debit”.
6. Put in the amount they owe.
7. Make sure to put in a good description below, like for example: ”David forgot his card. Nancy swiped a Gold wash for him”. It has to say who ask for the debit and name of the employee that applied the payment.
8. Click ”Apply Payment”. You will see that the credit they had has gotten lower.


If a customer wants to buy vending products, using credit card. Follow these steps:

1. Open ”Card Works” under the Windows menu.
2. Put in the password.
3. Click ”Credit Cards” (Upper left)
4. Click ”Keyed Process” (Right)
5. Choose card type, type in the credit card number (Make sure that you typed it correctly), add the amount/exp. Date and Year. Add your name and a detailed description of what was purchased.
6. Click ”Process Payment” and wait until it has been approved, and a receipt pops up.
7. Save the document that pops up as a PDF file under desktop. Filename should be ”Receipt – Name of cardholder”.
8. Make sure you get card holders cell number and/or email address, so that we can send them the receipt.
9. Inform NT about the sale in a txt/email as soon as possible.


It happens that something goes wrong and we need to refund a customer. If person paid cash, we should know that they actually paid. If it’s not a regular customer ask for their ID and cell phone number, and write down info in refunding form so that we keep track of complainers that might try to abuse us. For credit card users it’s easier.

1.    Open Card Works at the computer.
2.    Select ”Credit Cards”
3.    Select ”Refund”
4.    Scroll down to you find the correct card (cards are listed alphabeticly and by the last 4 digits). Click the person/card that should be refunded.
5.    Below, refund the full amount or part of the amount by changing the amount.
6.    Click ”Process”. You will then see that the card charges has been changed to $0 or the amount you decided.

An important thing is that we can’t refund anybody after midnight, that’s when the batch is settled and is sent away. After this we don’t keep the credit card information. If somebody comes after this and said they had an issue, you would only need the last 4 digits of the credit card. That way you can look up the history and have it confirmed when they washed and what they were charged. In these cases, refund cash by taking some money from the money jars by the vending machine. We can’t transfer by credit card, since we don’t store credit card information.


1. Open Card Works at the computer.
2. Select ”Reports on the left side.
3. Under ”Report dates”, select ”All history”.
4. Then under ”Searchable” on the bottom, choose ”Activity Report”, and fill in the last four (4) digits of either the credit/debit card or pre-paid/fleet card.
5. There might be several cards with this last four digits, so scroll down to find the correct card you are looking for.
6. Select wanted card, and click ”Preview”.

Card Works

Automatic Bays


1. Log in to the computer.
2. Open internet explorer.
3. Plug in the ethernet cable (Marked north or south) to white router, for one of the auto bays. 
4. In internet explorer window by the favorite bars on the top, click either "Cityhorizon Bay #1" or "Cityhorizon Bay #2". #1 is Auto South and #2 is Auto North. The ethernet cable for that bay you have selected needs to be plugged in.   
5. A log in box will pop up - Username (Owner) and password (12345) should already have been put in. Click "OK".  
6. The Laserwash 360 Menu will open.
7. Go to "diagnostics".
       a.    Then ”Reports”
       b.    Then click ”Error and Warning History".
       c.     The errors/warning history will pop up. If it doesn't, go the steps one more time.
8. Call NT and inform what the latest warning/error history says. Can it be easily fixed, we fix it, if not we will have to call AAW for help. 

IMPORTANT: When done, unplug ethernet cable.




Self Serve Bays

Some dialer functions work - others not:

1. Which functions work?
2. If only hi-pressure functions work (High-Pressure Soap, High-Pressure Rinse, Wax and Sealant, Clear Coat, High Pressure Spot Free Rinse), go to the pumproom and open up the grey box that is connected to the self serve pump stand, on the pump stands left hand side.
3. With a screw driver, push in one of the black buttons on the contactor and see if the high pressure starts up. If not, the contactor might be bad. If working, the dialer in the bay might be bad. 

There's no light or power on the timer, timer screen and credit card machine:

1. Go to the pumproom and the self serve pumpstand.
2. On the left hand side of the self serve pumpstand, take out the fuse (black circled plastic) and see if it's burned out or not. If burned out, find a new fuse in one of the lower drawers to the left of the work desk. If lights are on, issued solved. If still no light, check braker in the braker cabinets. 
3. If still an issue, call AutoAuto Wash. 



Not sucking well

Shampoo Vacuum (Low shampoo/spot remover - Fuses) 


If things get stuck

If a customer doesn't get all money back.

Coins come back in return (Coins are stuck).

Products are not falling out properly.


Verizon Helpdesk Phone: 800-922-0204
Verizon Account: 720-428-1492
Verizon PIN: 1601

Bill Changer

Yellow light

Too little/Too much coins coming out

Self-Serve Pumps

Contact Info

Torgrim "Tor" Landsverk: 303-557-8090 or
Nancy Ciancio: 303-918-2391 or

AutoAuto Wash - 24/7 Emergency: 877-917-7550 or 303-565-4773
AAW - Adam Layman (Service Manager): 720-357-1879 or
AAW - Bryce Buchta (Sales Manager): 303-918-0126 or
AAW - Chris (Technician): 720-561-1467
AAW - Anthony (Technician): 303-328-8129
AAW - Freddy (Technician): 303-241-7657
AAW - Eric (Manager): 720-943-3041

Steve Zalone (Former AAW Employee): 315-558-0897 or
Heath Pomerantz (Former AAW Employee): 954-802-4484 or  

Wes Osborne (Blendco): 480-292-1641

Alarm One - Jim: 303-888-2889 or

Adam's Polishes: 866-965-0400 (Ask for Ryan, Ben or Adam)

Max Snead (Accountant): 303-322-2255 or 303-322-2360 or
David Romero (Employee): 720-445-2761 or
Donny Lawson III (Employee): 802-829-8018 or


  • Check exterior mailbox for messages. If any, inform asap.
  • Check that credit card readers work & Bill Changer doesn’t have any error – Inform asap if error. Check that Verizon router over work bench has a red “4G” lit, if it’s not inform asap.
  • Check water tank level – Inform if low.
  • Take out the trash bin from the pump room:
  • Empty all trash from both trashcans on west and east side into trash bin.
  • If possible, put back the old trash bag so that we can save some plastic.
  • Make sure vacuum doors are closed/locked with a screw. Empty vacuum collector and clean up the outside for debris/sand/trash.
  • Hang up hoses – Tighten the swivel cuffs and nozzles.
  • Sweep the whole area around the vacuum stand on the East side with big broom.  Empty all trash/debris into trash bin.
  • Sweep all bays. If necessary, clean by spraying the self-serve bays. Hang up hoses. Empty all trash/debris into trash bin.
  • Check areas along curbs and sweep up debris, mulch, leaf and trash.
  • If snow on the ground: Shovel away snow from drives up towards entry and out from the exit of all bays.
  • Empty trash bin into dumpster, and put back the trash bin into pump room.
  • Change water in water buckets by the automatic pay machines. Make sure all dirt in the bottom comes out.
  • Refill vending machine.
  • Check salt level in brine tank and soap/chemical level. Refill if needed.
  • Clean with a clean towel and soap spray the auto pay machines, metal on trashcans, and the menu board and credit card readers in the self serve bays.
  • Today’s on weekly to do list. Write in in-out form if and what’s done.
  • Make sure to be visible for customers and help them.



  • Day or Night Shift: Examine oil level and condition of pump stands.
  • Day or Night Shift: Examine oil level and condition of air compressor.
  • Day or Night Shift: Check that all the “Safety Data Sheets” is hanging above the Super Sat tank and that first aid kit is placed above sink, and know what to do if something happens to you or others.
  • Night Shift Only: Turn off computer and thereafter log on the computer (Not when customers on site). Give customers a free wash if somebody comes while computer is updating (Remote control: Instant + 1 + Enter).


  • Day or Night Shift: Trash Dumpster will be picked up – Check that it’s been done.
  • Day or Night Shift: Check level in water-softener brine reservoir – If low, add some few more salt bags.
  • Day or Night Shift: Manager: Test soft water and RO water.
  • Night shift: Clean the Entry/Exit Automatic doors with water and a cloth.


  • Day or Night Shift: Check that there is enough chemicals/soap in the tanks that are connected to the self-serve and automatic bay stands. If very low, refill.
  • Day or Night Shift: Sweep and Pick up Trash/Debris/Leafs from area around dumpster and put in dumpster.
  • Night Shift: Shake vacuum filters and empty all vacuum collectors – Clean away debris outside.


  • Day or Night Shift: In both Auto bays, clean signs, instruction boards and all eyes for the doors and the ultrasound sensors.
  • Night Shift: Wash/Clean entry and exit doors with water and a cloth.
  • Night Shift: Carefully clean the cameras inside the automatic bays.


  • Night Shift Only: Turn off computer and thereafter log on the computer (Not when customers on site). Give customers a free wash if somebody comes while computer is updating (Remote control: Instant + 1 + Enter).


  • Night Shift: Empty all vacuum collectors – Clean away debris outside.


  • Nigh Shift: Wash/Clean entry and exit doors with water and a cloth.
  • Night Shift: Clean front and back of the white “Laserwash 360” display, with clean towels (use ladder).


Water Softener:

  • Water Quality
  • Salt Level

RO Unit:

  • Check for proper operation / quality
  • Check/Change 5 Micron Filter (By at Kleen-Rite)
  • Check Pressure Differential

Air Compressor:

  • Check Oil Level – Grease air zerkson motor every even numbered month
  • Drain water from receiver tank
  • Check belt tension
  • Check air filter, replace every 6 month (Buy at NAPA)

High Pressure Pump:

  • Check/Add oil
  • Check/Adjust belt tension
  • Inspect plumbing fittings
  • Check pump bolts & mounts
  • Change HP pump oil every 500 hours


  • Check levels
  • Observe product application
  • Check metering tips & injectors

Pump Station:

  • Check pressure gauges
  • Check Low Pressure & High Pressure unloader valves
  • Check pump inlet fittings
  • Check Low Pressure valves for good operation
  • Check High Pressure manifold & air valves

Entry Services & Loading:

  • Check coinbox for paper
  • Check coinbox for clear display
  • Ping EFS net on coinbox
  • Check underbody/Gatling gun spray
  • Verify entry sign operation
  • Check width measure ultra-sonic *VT*
  • Check POS system
  • Coin accept & hopper working?
  • Bill validator working?
  • Buttons working?
  • Credit card working?
  • Cleen credit card slider and bill acceptor

Entry & Exit Doors

  • Verify smooth operation/Safty devices
  • Verify control station actuators
  • Lubricate tracks, rollers & bearings (W-40 to remove – Dry with paper towel)
  • Check lift assist, springs/counter weight (Grease every even numbered month)


  • Observe bridge drive forward/reverse
  • Check belt tension set to 17lbs @ 6.5”
  • Check hoses for wear
  • Check e-chain for operation & wear
  • Check electrical wires for wear
  • Check for lea kon hoses/fittings
  • Grease bridge drive every even numbered month)
  • Check belt for wear


  • Observe trolley drive
  • Check belt for tension set to 9lbs @ 4.5”
  • Check hoses for wear
  • Check e-chain for operation and wear
  • Check electrical wires for wear
  • Check for leaks on hoses/fittings
  • Grease trolley drive every even numbered month.
  • Check belt for wear

Spray Arch:

  • Check for plugged nozzles
  • Test arch impact switch
  • Check or replace shear bolt
  • Check arch rotate alignment sensors
  • Make sure site has 2 shear bolts
  • Check rotate belt for wear (Inside box – Above arm)


  • Check for debris in front of blower air intake
  • Check for proper startup sequence
  • Check blower impeller balance
  • Make sure that blower are clean inside, to avoid dirty water dripping on car.

To Do Lists