Work opportunities

We have one location and offer a maximum of 15-20 hours a week. Each shifts are normally one hour long and there are up to 4 shifts a day. 

Pay begins at $11.00 per hour and can go up to $15 per hour depending on experience. To apply, please send us an email through the "Contact" site.

Employee Duties and Responsibilities Include:



 1. Complete the Daily Checklist.

      a.  Accuracy is critical.

      b.  Report any problems or concerns to your supervisor.

      d.  Double check your work.

      e.  Manage the money as if it belonged to you.

2.  Complete Weekly Checklist.  

3.  Complete Monthly Checklist.  

4.  Perform minor repairs and maintenance  

5.  Serve as fill-in wash manager if required

6.  Other duties as may be assigned by management



 1.  Represent City Horizon Car Wash in a professional manner

      a.  Wear approved company uniform

      b.  Greet customers and assure their satisfaction

      c.  Handle customer complaints and concerns promptly and courteously

      d.  Make your wash a place that customers want to return to.

      e.  Maintain a bright and cheerful attitude. Our customers appreciate it and we feel better about ourselves

      f.  Take pride in yourself, your job, and your car wash

      g.  Manage your car wash as if you were the owner

 2.   Report for work at scheduled times

      a. Work days and hours for car wash mangers are scheduled and subject to change. You are allowed 15 minutes variance                                   from these times.

      b.  Login to City Horizon Car Wash's log as soon as you report for work.

      d. If you cannot report for work on a scheduled day, call your supervisor immediately.  

      e. Schedule any absences two weeks in advance. Try to schedule routine doctor and other appointments on your days/shifts off.

 3.  Maintain a clean and safe work environment.

 4.  Manage and be responsible for all monies, supplies, and equipment at car wash location.



1.  Pass complete background check which includes both criminal and financial checks.

2.  Pass drug testing

3.  Be able to lift up to 70 pounds and climb ladders

4.  Have reliable transportation to and from work.

5.  Be interested in working at position for at least 1 year

6.  Familiar and comfortable with working with hand tools

7.  Live in close proximity of the car wash.



If you meet our qualifications and want to become a part of a successful car wash chain, contact us through our "Contact" site

Include your full name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and a brief message listing your qualifications and why you should be considered. 

Please include current occupation.