Can City Horizon’s wash your vehicle?

We work hard to provide our customers with the best technology available to guarantee a clean, dry and shiny vehicle, along with the peace of mind that their vehicle won’t be harmed in any way. Although we’d love to wash every vehicle, there are some we just can’t.


Automatic Touchless Laserwash 360 Bays - Vehicles we can't wash:

  • Vehicles at a height greater than 7'.
  • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty and free of any kind of debris.
  • Trucks that hasn't taken off their trailer hitch.

Self-Service Bays - Vehicles we can't wash:

  • Vehicles at a height greater than 11 feet. 
  • Vehicles wider than 11 feet.
  • Semi-Trucks. 
  • Vehicles filled with oil / grease / tar / asphalt (Pollutants like these are illegal to dump into drain - Violators will be reported).

General - If you have any of the following, we cannot be responsible for damage that might occur and caution against going through City Horizon Car Wash.

  • Parts of the vehicle that are loose, rusted, cracked or previously damaged
  • Previously chipped or cracked paint
  • Non-factory parts or modifications
  • Power antennas
  • Spare tire covers
  • Ski and/or bike racks
  • Dodge full-size truck antennas/fenders
  • Smart® car engine bay covers (hood)
  • Classic vehicles (20 years or older)