City Horizon Car Wash LLC



Keeping your car looking like new can save you money in the long run. The resale value of your car can be maximized by maintaining your car's finish. Here we provide some tips, and answers to frequently asked questions, to help you keep your car looking its best.



Q: How often should I wash my vehicle?

A: Washing your vehicle is very important. You must keep dust, dirt and grime from adhering itself to your paint and possibly damaging your paint. Your car should be washed at least once a week to prevent any dirt buildup and paint damage.

Q: Why shouldn't I use dish soap to wash my car?

A: Dish washing detergents are designed to strip grease and grime and will actually strip off any wax protection your car has. The solutions used in both our automatic and self-serve wash bays are pH balanced and specifically designed for cars.

Q: Does wax really make a difference?

A: Wax is essential for protecting the exterior of your car. It creates a barrier against the sun's UV and infrared rays, and makes cleaning so much easier. In addition, it will enhance the appearance of your vehicle by giving it a nice, shiny luster.

Q: Why do car finishes fade?

A: Paint is designed to reflect light, which creates a shine. Ultraviolet (UV) light affects paint and the way visible light is reflected. If your car is washed regularly and kept indoors most of the time, the shine will last for many years since there will be minimal oxidation or element damage to the finish that would stain, spot or dull the finish.

Q: What is acid rain, and how does it affect my car's finish?

A: Emissions from chemical plants, industrial fallout, surface contaminants and other organic and inorganic materials are all an integral part of acid rain. When these elements are deposited on your car's surface in a dry state it will appear as dust particles, but mix it with a little dew or rain and you have a mixture of sulfuric acid on your paint finish. Left on your surface for any period of time (especially if placed in the direct sunlight) may cause you to have etching on your finish. Typical acid rain damage may first look like water droplets which have dried on paint and caused discoloration. In some cases, damage appears as a white ring with a dull center. Severe cases will show pitting.

Q: What is Magnesium Chloride?

A: During the winter months, magnesium chloride is used on the roads to melt snow and ice. At higher elevations, CDOT urges automobile owners to wash their cars a few times per week to remove the "mag-chloride". "Mag-chloride" is highly corrosive and causes damage to chrome, wires and hoses if left on the vehicle for an extended period of time. Since CDOT has been using "mag-chloride", various truckers' associations have experienced increased maintenance problems due to deteriorating wires and hoses. We recommend that you protect your auto investment by washing at least once a week during the winter. In times of frequent snowfall, you may need to wash twice or more. We also recommend that you wash your vehicle every time you come back from the mountains since there is a greater quantity of "mag-chloride" used above 7,000 feet.  We have the detergents to remove "mag-chloride" all over the vehicles' surface including the under body of the vehicle.

Q: What is "Road Film"?

A: Road film is the oily film splattered all over your car when you drive in the rain/snows. Oils and other fluids that drip out of cars, truck and suvs accumulate on roads and highways over time. When it rains/snows, these accumulated oils and other fluids mix with the rain and are then splattered all over your car in effect staining you're entire car from top to bottom. The highest concentration of road film accumulates on your wheels, tires and lower body panels. Oily road film builds up over time and because this film is oily or sticky it attracts dirt. This can be the dirt in the air or also in rain water that's splattered onto your car from the cars driving in front of you. 

Washing your car will remove any topical road film. The problem is the dirty, oil film will tend to migrate into any voids, pits, pores or interstices in your car's paint at least to the point that normal car washing won't remove it.

It's pretty easy to remove road film, all you have to do is periodically use one of the below approaches,

Wash your car frequently and regularly hand dry your car with a clean and good quality microfiber towel after your wash. Use a dedicated polish by hand or machine at least twice a year. Any high quality polish will effectively remove any built-up road film. Just be sure to apply a wax, sealant or coating afterwards to seal the paint. 

Q: How long does it take to get a car wash?

A: The longest automatic touchless wash takes about 4  1/2 minutes.

Q: Do you accept Credit/Debit Card?

A:  Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express and debit cards. We also offer fleet and gift cards.

Rarely, internet goes down, and you will see the message "Looking for server". If you see this message, please pay by cash or report to owner.

Q: What if I only have dollar bills?

A: Our automatic wash bays accepts quarters, dollar coins, $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, credit cards, fleet cards and pre-paid cards. Our self-serve bays accept quarters, dollar coins, credit cards, fleet cards and pre-paid cards. We also have a bill changer machine on site that changes $1, $5 and $10 bills to quarters.

Q: How do I pay with credit card at the automatic bays?

A: First you swipe the card (stripe to the left), then select the wash that you want by pushing the wash select button hard and firm. It then says "processing" in the display where you swiped the card, before the price starts counting down in the higher right display (You will hear it pip when counting down). When the price of the wash has counted down, you will get instructions/signals (green arrow) to drive forward. If you like a receipt, please press "7".

Q: It looks like I've been over charged using my credit card, what do I do?

A: Your financial institution may hold funds on your account for a period of time when using a debit or credit card. Within five days these held funds normally clear out and the actual amount will show as charged from your account. 

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A:  We are open 24/7 every day of the year. We can be reached by email or phone if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: Will your automatic touchless wash scratch my car?

A:  The Laserwash 360 is 100% touchless and guaranteed not to scratch your car, unlike the friction washes which collect dirt and grime from other cars and apply them to yours. The Laserwash 360 uses advanced technology to read the dimensions of your vehicle and safely provide a 360 degree cleaning experience. We utilize environmentally safe soaps that will leave you with a clean and shiny car.

Q: Do you have vacuums?

A:  Yes, we have four vacuum stalls and two fragrance (spot remover and shampoo) machines to leave your car as clean on the inside as it will look on the outside.

Q: What features do you provide in the self service bays?

A:  Both our self-serve bays have low pressure tire cleaner, low pressure presoak, high pressure soap, foaming brush detergent, high pressure rinse, clear coat protectant, high pressure wax and a spot free rinse.

Q: Do you have towels or car air fresheners?

A:  Yes, we have a vending machine on site that sells towels, car fresheners, glass cleaner, tire shiner, and much more. We are also authorized seller of all of Adam's Polishes locally made and great quality car care products. Contact our attendant if on site, or you can buy their products from our website here.

Q: Do you detail cars?

A: No, we do not do detailing. We are of that opinion that everyone can do detailing them self as long as they have the time and the correct products. We offer great quality car washes and we also sell great car care products from Adam's Polishes that's used by a lot of great detailer around the world. If still want a full detailer to do the job cleaning your pride, we do have a list of detailers that we can recommend. 

Q: Why is my car still wet after the dry cycle?

A: At City Horizon Car Wash we use powerful dryers or "blowers" at the end of the automatic touchless wash cycle to remove most of the water used to rinse the car in the car wash. There will, however, always be some amount of water left on the car. Because we use a spot free rinse comprised of pure water from our reverse osmosis filtration system, any remaining water left on the car will dry within minutes without leaving spots on your car. 

Q: Is my vehicle too tall?

A: In the automatic touchless Laserwash 360 bays, the height limit is 7 feet. In the self-serve bays the height limit is 11 feet. 

Q: Will my SUV or Dual-wheel pick up truck fit?

A: Yes. All SUVs and light duty trucks including extended cab, four door and dual wheel pick-ups can be accommodated in our automated Laserwash bays, thanks to our unique ability to size every vehicle with ultrasonic and infrared sensors. If you have a truck with long truck bed and extended cab, please make sure the trailer hitch is taken off. You also want to drive up two feet, AFTER the machine has started the wash.

In our self serve bays we can accommodate big vehicles, for example a school bus. 

Q: I have a bug shield or bike rack, etc. Is it safe?

A: We have many customers who have after-market products such as these that come through the wash regularly. Having said that, we cannot guarantee that yours will be OK. We only guarantee vehicles and parts that are factory installed and less than 5 years old.

Q: Why do I have to clean out my truck bed before going through the wash? 

A: Debris that is left in truck beds can cause damage to your vehicle as well as the car wash equipment if not removed prior to entering the car wash. This debris might either get caught in the machines or be blown back onto the car and cause scratching to your car or the cars that follow.