Adam's Basic Car Wash Kit


Adam's Basic Car Wash Kit

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Give them this and let them decide for themselves! 

All car care lovers need great products. Why not give them something they will need and love? 

Gift package comes with:

  • City Horizon Car Wash $12 Gift Card that can be used in all of our bays - No expiration dates.
  • Adam's New Formula Glass Cleaner Towel
  • Adam's Glass Cleaner, 2oz
  • Adam's Borderless Grey Edgless Towel
  • Adam's Detail Spray, 2oz
  • Adam's Interior Detail Spray, 2oz
  • Adam's Tire Dressing Applicator
  • Adam's Tire Shine, 2oz
  • Adam's Polishes Sticker
  • Adam's Polishes is a local producer of great quality car care products, located in Louisville (CO)
  • All made in USA
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