Adam's Ceramic Coating Prep, 16oz


Adam's Ceramic Coating Prep, 16oz


The perfect cleaner to ensure you are ready to apply an Adam's ceramic coating.

  • Removes traces of cleaners, polish residue, and other contaminants to prepare for applying any Adam’s Coating
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off solution
  • Made in USA
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Ceramic coatings like Adam's Paint Coating and Adam's Trim Coating provide extremely durable protection using cutting-edge technology to the detailing community. Adam's Ceramic Coatings use Si02 (silica) to provide long-lasting protection, even more durable than our Paint Sealant and Americana Paste Wax; however, before applying a ceramic coating, it's very important to take the necessary steps to make application of the coating a smooth process. The surface needs to be as clean as possible to accomplish this. For exterior trim, Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner is a quick and perfect way to scrub textured plastic and rubber trim free of dirt and oxidation, but making sure a painted surface is ready for Adam's Paint Coatingrequires much more prepation.

After a proper Two Bucket Wash and Visco Clay Bar treatment if necessary, we strongly encourage paint correction by machine polishing before applying Adam's Paint Coating. Ceramic coatings are a more expensive investment than our other protection products like Paint Sealant or Buttery Wax, and they also require more technique to apply. Performing paint correction with a long throw polisher like the Adam's Swirl Killer will make the surface as free of imperfections, swirls, water spot etching, scratches, stains, and so on. If you don't remove these prior to applying Adam's Paint Coating, the coating may make them stand out more, and the only way to correct them after it has been applied and cured is to then machine polish the Paint Coating back off, so it's better to do things right the first time.

Once the surface has been polished or scrubbed to appear as perfect as possible, this is where Adam’s Coating Prep steps in. Adam's Coating Prep will remove any residue from Tire & Rubber Cleaner on trim pieces, as well as polish residue and dust on paint, leaving the surface bare and as clean as possible.

WARNING: For proper application of any Adam’s Coating, you must clean the surface first!

For Prepping A Surface to be Coated:

1. Spray Coating Prep into a clean Edgeless Utility or Single Soft Towel, or onto the surface to be coated.

2. Wipe the area with the towel, ensuring that you cover entire surface thoroughly.

3. After the surface is completely dry, move onto application of the appropriate Adam’s Coating.

Use in well-ventilated areas. DO NOT INHALE PRODUCT!