Adam's Buttery Wax Kit


Adam's Buttery Wax Kit

34.77 36.99

Give them this and let them decide for themselves! 

All car care lovers need great products. Why not give them something they will need and love? 

The Buttery Wax is created just for the fans of our popular liquid Wax, this bundle includes our premium hex grip applicator, a premium microfiber towel, and of course the easiest liquid wax you’ve ever used. 

Gift package comes with:

  • Adam's Buttery Wax Kit
    • Adam's Buttery Wax 16oz - $19.99 full price.
    • Adam's Single Soft Microfiber Towel - $9.99 full price.
    • Adam's Yellow Waxing Hex Grip Applicator, $7.99 full price.  
  • Adam's Polishes is a local producer of great quality car care products, located in Louisville (CO)
  • All made in USA
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