Adam's Blue Ceramic Coating Applicator


Adam's Blue Ceramic Coating Applicator


The perfect applicator to use when applying ceramic coatings.

  • Small, soft microfiber applicator
  • Designed For Use With Adam's Ceramic Coating Products
  • Apply a coating in an even layer on paint and plastic or rubber trim
  • Made In South-Korea.
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Adam's went on a mission to find the best Ceramic Coating applicator. We needed something small, scratch free and easily disposed of. The applicator is just the right size - small enough to use on tight plastic and rubber trim areas with Adam's Trim Coating, but large enough to apply an even layer of Adam's Paint Coating across a painted surface as well. 

Note: These applicators are good for one use only, and will need to be replaced once the ceramic coating cures and hardens into the applicator material. Use with rubber detailing gloves for best results to avoid getting the ceramic coating on your fingers and hands. Always secure the cap on the coating bottle as soon as you have finished pouring a few drops onto the applicator. You may be able to use an applicator more than once if you only use one side of the applicator and then another side the next time, but once the excess ceramic residue cures and crystallizes on the surface of the applicator, it will no longer be a soft, safe surface and the applicator could then potentially scratch other surfaces.